Whistleblowing System

Receive Information - Protect your Institution

Particularly with regard to repression of fraud and corruption, it is important to develop new strategies and measures to increase the effectiveness of monitoring and to provide the tools needed to manage its tasks. Criminal structures can often only be broken when whistleblowers have enough incentive to cooperate and feel secure in their contacts.Whistleblower systems offer your employees in your institution's environment a confidential communication channel. Due to confidentiality, valuable information can be obtained, which otherwise would not be left because of the risk of repression. Hints can be issued in different ways to a trusted center, where this information can be processed, organized and analyzed.

Advantages of our Whistleblower System

You Decide

We offer access to the system individually, so you can choose whether you want to manage the reports yourself or if you want to support our specialized team. So you own your stories.You can also use the system for questions and releases of ethics and compliance matters, ensuring a central base for all compliance matters.

Security and Privacy Made in Germany

The system runs exclusively on servers in a highly secure data center in Germany - the country with the highest data privacy law in the world. Access to the system is encrypted.

Customizable Visual and Content

The system has a customizable layout to integrate into your company's IC. The content and organization especially of the topics and explanations are made varies according to the format chosen in the clients need.

Internal Workflow

The system allows the mapping of the organization of your institution, thus allowing a workflow of tasks between several departments, units, and countries without leaving the system.

We can help you in many ways. You can operate the system on a proprietary basis by your staff, ministering the content of information and reports. You can also leave the operations and administration of the system by our specialized team. The operation of complaint channels can be a great challenge for institutions, in addition to the activities of their core business. Thus, not only the technology must be made available, but also the personnel with instructions to process, treat and follow the reports received. We offer the operation of the system as a third-party service. You decide the degree of outsourcing - just the technical supply or also the processing and follow-up. If you try to write with a vast audience in mind, your story will sound fake and bland. No one will be interested. Write to a person. If it is true for the one, it will be true for the rest.

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