Any investigation should begin with a good plan of action. Our team works closely with the client's team to identify and segment sources of evidence, gain a better understanding of the case, and apply the appropriate procedures.


The data acquisition process is flexible to suit the customer's need. From complete duplication of the target computer or Server (forensic disk image) to selective copying of data for information gathering in a manner consistent with best practices in forensic computing. This ensures a proper chain of custody and admissibility in court.


We have years of experience in recovering and extracting electronic data from PCs, laptops, mobile phones, backup tapes, electronic mail and complex financial systems. We have deep knowledge of where to look for evidence in complex networks, coupled with our ability to work with discretion and absolute secrecy.


In addition to extracting electronic data from hard drives, we also provide real-time monitoring activities, such as computer use, which routines a person has, which sites he or she visits, etc.


Even hard drives with the lowest storage capacity contain tens of thousands of files. We use techniques and tools established by leading research agencies around the world to uniquely isolate the most relevant electronic data. Our main goal is to deliver results of the highest relevance in the shortest time possible.


Our clients receive easy-to-understand but accurate reports. Adding charts, entity relationship explanations, timelines, and discussion histories in emails we provide our clients with a clear understanding of the problem and those involved. The ability to defend the process and the methodologies used make us unrivaled in the field of computer forensics.

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